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Plant a tree seed and watch your forest grow!

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We Need Everyone

Seeds 4 Trees urges everyone to actively contribute to our environmental protection movement. True success is achieved when change originates from within, and we are dedicated to empowering you to play an active role. Discover the various opportunities to support our cause and learn how you can make a meaningful difference. Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future.


Boise Cascade 

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials, we bring people, products and services together to build strong homes, businesses and communities that stand the test of time.

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Project Learning Tree


Project Learning Tree is a national program sponsored by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative using trees and forests as windows onto the world for learning about the environment, sustainable communities, responsible purchasing of forest products, water quality, economic health and well-being, and so much more. Over the last 40 years, over 140 million young people across the United States have participated in this program which has hands-on and fun, ready-made lessons and activities on topics such as forests, ecosystems, wildlife, water and watersheds, forest pests, forest policy, fire, forest economics, and human health. All of the activities meet academic standards and are accessible and relevant to diverse families across North America. The curriculum covers early childhood through high school and is used by formal educators and those who interact with students in a non-formal setting, such as camps, summer programs, after-school organizations, libraries, Scouts, etc.


If interested in having someone lead a workshop in your area or to learn how to become a PLT facilitator, please contact Louisiana State PLT Coordinator, Stacy Blomquist, For more information on Project Learning Tree, please visit

LSU Coastal Roots Program

It began in 2000 with the establishment of school-based nurseries at six schools located within the Louisiana coastal zone. There are currently 48 Louisiana schools in 20 parishes. Each student-managed CR school-based plant nursery can produce native plants for use in habitat restoration plantings. Students managing these nurseries oversee the entire growth cycle of the plants, from seed germination or stem cuttings to the planting of one-year-old seedlings or beach grass plugs on their yearly restoration trip. Between 2000 and May 2020, more than 26,720 Louisiana students have planted over 194,000 plants on 495 restoration trips. 

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Central Louisiana Community Foundation


CLCF administers charitable funds established through gifts and bequests from individuals, families, businesses, and other nonprofit organizations. Uniting the regions' citizens, financial advisors and nonprofit agencies, CLCF seeks to stimulate charitable giving to improve the quality of life in Central Louisiana . The Foundation invests these funds to increase the philantropic capacity across the region.


BRANCHOFF is a small handmade skincare business whose goal is to grow naturally and organically as a company, to find simple solutions to common skincare concerns.  At BRANCHOFF we desire to think "outside the box" with all things, from pure non-toxic ingredients, to tree plantings per product. We wish to inspire a deeper connection between man and the natural world, and always pay it forward! One tree at a time you and I will paint the world green again!



"The True meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." 

- Nelson Henderson

When we sow a seed, we plant a narrative of future possibilities.
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