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Seeds 4 Trees uses the expertise of skilled tree seed technicians to assess the specific seed handling, germination, and planting techniques necessary for each project. Seed allocation is dependent on the current availability of seeds and the funding required to support the applied project at the time of application review. The organization ensures that projects are awarded seed based on these factors, ensuring that the necessary resources are in place to successfully complete the proposed initiatives.

Classroom sprouts
Tree Seed
Growing Kit

The Tree Seed Growing Kit project focuses on our youth. We provide educators with a valuable teaching tool for tree seed propagation. Applicants will be awarded Tree Seed Growing Kits, taking into account the availability of limited natural resources. To maximize outreach to organizations and our youth, the number of kits provided to each organization may be capped if seed availability is restricted due to limited inventory.

Each kit includes sufficient seed for each child, along with growing containers, peat pellets for seed planting, and an illustrated instructional book. At the end of the program, each child will receive a Certificate of Completion. Educators will receive a folder containing detailed instructions, enabling them to guide the children through the entire planting and growing process of tree seeds. The ultimate goal is for children to grasp the significance of planting tree seeds for the well-being of our planet.

 If you find yourself without a suitable location to plant your tree seedlings, we encourage you to consider donating them to the LSU Coastal Roots Program. By doing so, you can ensure that your trees will be planted in forests that are in need of new trees. These trees will serve as essential habitat and a vital source of food for the diverse range of animals that inhabit our coastal environments. Your contribution will play a significant role in supporting the ecological health and balance of these precious coastal ecosystems.


Please mail your trees to:

Dr. Pam Blanchard

Co-director, LSU Coastal Roots Program

LSU School of Education

109 Peabody Hall

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

 "It was an honor to have the Seeds 4 Trees program in my classroom. The program allows students the opportunity to experience how a simple seed can become a tree. This is a simple concept to most but it amazed me how many of my students had no idea of the process. The instructions included were also more than appropriate for students to understand and very easy to follow. 

The science budget in all schools is very tight and the Seeds 4 Trees program provided all the supplies for this project. With the supplies provided the students worked in pairs and were able to each plant seeds. After the seeds sprouted then students took their project home to plant. They were very proud of their projects and researched the best place at home to plant the sprout. 

Without the Seeds4Trees program our students would not have this opportunity. Having the experience of actually planting a seed and watching how it sprouts cannot be replaced by any diagram or video. This program made a difference in these students that will last with them for a lifetime. 

I have recommended this program to other schools because it not only improves a classroom but it improves students individually. "

Janice Williams 

Science Teacher

I was honored to be asked to do an Interview with Louisiana Forestry Association Podcast "Minding the Forest" I have it here on Apple iPods and Spotify..Click on it and see what we are up to.

fringe flowers 2.HEIC
Tree Seed of the Month
Fringe Tree
Chionanthus virginicus

The Fringe Tree is native to United States. It is an ornamental tree known for its small white clusters of fragrant flowers. It is also known as grancy

graybeard. The flowers produce small black berries in the summer. 

Fringe seed.jpeg

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.  
                - Chinese proverb

Plant the seeds for a greener future. Donate today.
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